High Impact Global is the trading arm of High Impact Office, providing key management programmes and solutions downstream to the portfolio companies of HIO. With clear and concise corporate governance, management and structuring, HIG empowers the entire portfolio to develop rapidly adopted business models and execution from inception of a company through development to the success of the business.

HIG officers sit as non-executive directors within each portfolio company in order to ensure corporate governance and acceptable behaviour from the directors. With this position, HIG can ensure reporting is fit and proper during the lifecycle of the company, along with controlling potential issues which could impact both HIO’s investment and other investors in each of the companies.

To maximise our return on investment (ROI) and introduce common standards across the portfolio, HIG is commissioned by HIO to setup lucrative joint ventures with companies providing services and solutions to the portfolio companies and HIG as a whole. For example, High Impact Technologies is a Microsoft partner, providing cloud services to each of the portfolio companies, thus retaining the Microsoft commissions within the group of companies. HIT outsources IT services to carefully selected partners in each country where a group company is based and ensures rigid compliance with our technology model for both infrastructure deployment and future support services.

To maximise both ROI and rapid application development, each portfolio company providing software services utilises a common team of our developers and architects, along with code reuse through licensing programmes between each group company. A recent case study for this was the ability for Organic Trace Technologies to use 65% of the code base of Anti Counterfeit Technologies, reducing the development costs and the timeframe to MVP dramatically.