With a history spanning over thirty-five years in high end technology, from software development, enterprise network solutions, through to cyber security and the enablement of industrial robotics, Steven Jupp has become a globally recognised leader in science and technology.

Steven is known for developing groundbreaking software products, including a highly optimised CAD to industrial laser processor in 1992, at the tender age of 17.  Cutting the processing time from upwards of 30 minutes, to 4 seconds, Steven saved the global industry billions.

Steven also identified a planned global exploit within one of the largest packaging solution companies in 1998, halting the global manufacturing process and taking complete control of heavy industrial machines.  This was in response to his early paper based upon his concerns of companies using PC controllers on industrial machines and blindly connecting networks to the Internet with little to no security.  His ability through years of experience to fix industry and global problems with technology has seen him receive awards from companies such as Autodesk.

He has also mentored, invested and successfully exited from a number of companies from start up, through to IPO.  Well-known examples include investment in Google and more recently, Revolut.